Sefin thinks. We focus on what is strategically best for our client – from a business perspective. Which means applying the lessons we have learned in the diverse sectors in which we operate to the particular challenges facing each client. So clients have access to an extremely rich reservoir of resources.

Sefin speaks up. We advise our clients on activities that we believe best serve their needs. And we do not hesitate to steer them away from projects that we feel are not in their best interests.

Sefin is creative. Each client is unique, so we tailor original solutions to best suit each account.

Sefin delivers. We’re a best-practice agency, governed by detailed process management geared to clean, quick, cost-effective implementation. We use the latest technology to do every job right first time to international standards.

Sefin is hands-on. We’ve deliberately structured the company to ensure that senior executives keep a hands-on grasp of accounts. Clients work with our consultants as part of the team – guaranteeing the highest level of personal service.


  • Understanding of business dynamics and imperatives
  • In-depth knowledge of each client's business
  • Strategic analysis of communications needs
  • Best practice in reputation management
  • Creative ideas for planning new strategies and activities
  • Innovative marketing and communications concepts
  • In-depth practical knowledge of the principles of print, broadcast and digital communications
  • Top media connections and well-crafted press releases that get published
  • World-class writing and design skills for leaflets and newsletters
  • Seminar and conference organisation with hawk-eyed attention to detail
  • Understanding of markets and audiences across the spectrum
  • Fast, pro-active professional service.